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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Praise The Lord: Kevin Murphy Has Finally Translated Jeff Schneider's Message owner, Jeff, Has ZERO Connections and NO Photo
With the conviction of the Unibomber who I will admit had a very important message that never got told to the world due to his delivery, Jeff Schneider too has been trying to warn the world of impending evil visa vie the new gTLDS.

Commenting on a post on Andrew's blog, Domain Incite publisher Kevin Murphy wrote:

I’m saying that the whole point of the program is, in essence, to:
a) screw Verisign, and
b) screw domainers.

It’s designed to make .com less relevant.

Whether it will work or not is another matter.

BINGO but there's more..... a little thing known as "bounce rates" and "abandoned carts." 

GoDaddy and all the other registrars face this problem when the likely scenario occurs that someone thinks they thought of a great name no one else may have thought of yet, and then they discover it's taken. And their next choice is taken.

What the gTLDs do is hep registrars make an offer that will be too intriguing for the price to be refused.

Nothing more than the psychological tactics of marketing during consumer wartime. It's like "you're already depressed and now we have to sell you that pill for $5 a month so we convince you that you need Ambilify for which we own the patent and can collect an additional $300 a month in the cart."

So when Jeff talks "cartels" he is really saying the cart TELLS the story. It's not about the end user or their needs, it's about turning abandoned carts into cash machines.

Love ya Jeff!

btw. Whereas I celebrated LinkedIn ranking Rick Schwartz comparable to Larry Page, Jeff Schneider's comparative from LinkedIn is Louise Timmons. Are they the same person?

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