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Monday, April 29, 2013

Today's Blog Comments Are Better Than The Posts They Attach To

From Anon on Elliot's Blog

"I envision the domain game as a bunch of monkeys. At the base of the tree are the starving, loser monkeys. In the middle of the tree are the slightly smarter monkeys who’ve figure out the basics of hunting and copulating. At the very top of the tree are not the smartest monkeys, but rather monkeys just as dumb as those at the bottom of the tree, but who assumed their position because of being there the longest.

The secret to success in that environment is to forgo being a monkey and instead, be a python"

From Brian Wick on The Domains
Re: Joel Williams:
"Another sad tale in what appears to be a rags to riches to rags story.”

  • Find (or be told) the next ground floor Internet domain extension
  • Max Credit Cards
  • Liquidate bank accounts
  • Liquidate Retirement
  • Take Second & Third mortgages on all property.
  • Go bankrupt.
  • Pass this information along to next sucker – and repeat

Amen my friends. Amen! With one exception!

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