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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Typosquatting Trademark Infringing Angry Man Targets Preacher with "Pastor resigns, cites 'doubt about Christ" Hoax

Famed televangelist Joel Osteen may not be losing his religion, but he is the target of an elaborate hoax attempting to discredit the powerful megachurch leader and "motivate him to talk about more serious subjects."

The plan was put into motion on April 1, NPR reports. The scheme included a fake church website,, which looks almost identical to the real website but misspells Osteen's last name as "Osten." A fake Twitter account (now suspended) and a YouTube video for the (fictional) Christianity News service also surfaced.

The video clip includes images of fake headlines from news sites such as CNN, Drudge Report, The Christian Broadcasting Network and Yahoo! All the articles in the video include headlines with messages like, "Pastor resigns, cites 'doubt about Christ."  MORE

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