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Monday, April 08, 2013

You have my domain name and I want it!

"Generic names can be owned by anyone on a first come-first serve basis. As it turns out, we got there first. That said, we are not going to give away our valuable generic names because you woke up this morning and decided you want a name we own."

I always thought the best answer to this question was in NAmedia's FAQ (above circa 2010), until Tom left this comment on Rick's board:

"Nobody has ownership to own generic keywords, they do not belong to anyone, majority of domainers trade on solid keywords, anyone with a credit card can register a domain... including you, there are all sorts, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Why do people hoard sportscards, shouldn't they be given to the fans, and displayed in museums, rather than personal collections.
Why do developers buy up city blocks and sit on them for 10 years, to flip them later...
This is how business, Rick put his money down, when everyone thought why waste a measly $100, he didn't do anything out of the ordinary, placed his order, paid his bill, acquired his rights to his asset. You had the chance to do the same, he played the game, followed the rules, he put his capital on a long shot, when others went on vacation, bought boats, etc... he chose to invest, now that his investment is paying off, he should be able to enjoy the returns on those investments, given the capital he risked almost 2 decade ago (A VERY LONG TIME AGO).
Now that domains, and .com are in the eyes of everyday corporate america, people like him are being mislabeled because he was a visionary, and played by the rules, everyone one of us had a chance to get a generic name back in 1996... ask yourself why you didn't put $100 down. Were you to busy doing other things, didn't care, had no hope, or simply didn't think it would pan out...
Free market system works, it is the new registries who are hoarding the keywords for an auction based platform, the richest of the richest get the premium names... maybe you should focus your attention on that hoarding...  
Nothing different than staking your plot on a gold mine, and finding that giant nugget, this is american capitalism... seriously get a life, I feel really sorry for you you live in a very small world, where you cannot respect someone for sticking their neck out, and coming out ahead."

What are some names big companies think they have the rights to own instead of the guys who do?

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