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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Arguing With Idiots: For A Guy Who Speaks Nonsense, You Can't Make Sense

Picture:  Among Our Most Fascinating People
for 2012 who proved worthy of the distinction:
Lori Ann Wardi
Why does one TLD succeed when all the
others have  failed: Marketing with a
capital M and a skilled, experienced,
passionate and "hands-on comes from being
one of us" background

Seymour Wilson on a lively thread on TheDomains featuring the best entertainment money can't buy writes to Me:
Thanks for forcing my brain back into service.
Owen Frager
Owen please don't fuel the fire. Unless of course you’re so inspired by Jeff's posts that you must insist on things staying the way they are?
Then Seymour goes on to respond to Jeff and fuel the fire.
I on the other hand, by force hand of Jeff, am celebrating the fact that I have finally come to terms with the new TLDS. It never made sense that the smartest guys in domaining would plunk down huge coin on something as doomed as .Pro or .PW.

Below I will share what I shared with Mike Berkens' audience. But let me preface with one critical observation that I find disturbing.
Perhaps I am unique in having such a deep understand, career, and hand-on relationship with technology but I can't be the only one that know the web is not just one big shopping mall. That is it's smallest part.
The web is the greatest technology platform built to man. An ability to distribute and collaborate and drive out costs and cycles that locked 90% of the world from having the resources to compete.
Let's take this big shopping mall. How many stores or sites sell MetRX supplements? Tens of thousands? Millions. Do you think each one takes a physical box, photographs it and uploads it on their website? Do you think they stock an inventory or ship it from their store? No this is all handled by third parties and digital feeds where they put a  code on their website and it pulls the data and images in from a central databases. All of those databases for over a billion skis, need to live somewhere, and that would be the biggest waste of a dotCOM so it will probably be a .Whatever (as Jeff calls it)..
Think about RSS feeds that in the simplest form (Domaining) to specialty sites like to the highest trafficked sites on the web (Drudge Report) to all of the alerts you get served on your desktop to email itself, the web is the place where people, products, entertainment, news and information converge. 
Of course not all TLDs will win. As I say below few of them are led by the  visionary skilled, experienced and deep pocked brains like Frank Schilling. Why did .INfo and .Us and .Pro fail where .CO succeeded. The answer is Marketing with a capital M and marketing that was effective because of the same insiders visionary skills, and experience and budget commitment to the top agency talent that our 2012 pick among Domaining's Most fascinating people Lori Ann Wardi brought to the table. And as usual, we got that prediction right.
I see this in every business I get retained to help. I am succeeding in ghost blogging for Fortune 500 CEOs because I have hands-on experience blogging that the employees and agencies don't. For the past ten years they've been busy building websites, not 14/7 days consuming, creating and distributing content as I have online.
All Frank or Donuts or Directi needs to add that's missing is my kind of marketing insight, experience and passion for the space. Given the budget to get the word out to the world, with the new gTLDs, anything and everything is possible.
Here is what I started in Mike's living room:
Thanks for forcing my brain back into service. Now I totally get the new TLDs. I think the new TLDS will totally take Google out of the equation. Here’s why:
If you wanted to renew your ny drivers license online where would you go? Or would you go to Google where the first 15 results all look very official using keywords with .org what does .org say to an uninformed surfer- probably a municipal site as opposed to commerce. There are actually three different addresses:‎‎
and the first two results‎‎
Turns out the first two results, which look so official they had to place a huge disclaimer on the top, are really insurance sales sites that eventually lead you to the DMV- why they are ranked first is a mystery
The dot gov sites look like a kindergarten class designed them. They may do the trick but I suspect 70% of the visitors will not trust it and either go to an office or call to confirm the site is real. You believe everything should be dotCOM but what dot should be the brand for this need?
Then think about all the artists and models whose bookings depend on online headshots and portfolios. How would you expect to find those.
The answer is the web grew into a mess because it was unmanaged, unregulated and never explained
And dotCOM alone can’t make it right. Sue Jones the model is competing against millions of Sue Jones for one dotcom spot. With a dotModel more people can be served better and surfers will find what they need. They will know on .nyc that it’s the official site and is where the licenses are. You can’t offer that with .com. Imagine cleaning up the whole government service process.
Tell me Jeff, if you wanted to go to the government site for Sweden to see what the visa requirements are, what would you type? Try it and you’ll have a rude awakening. EASY!
The TLDs are here not because dotCOM is bad or worth less, but because it alone can’t solve the diverse needs of specialized communities. Or the massive growth in population and need to be a global solution so you don’t have to remember that au is or uk is
How many times a day do you go to Do you ever speak about the value of .sc. Rather you know this is the honest whois. It wasn’t hard to train this behavior on a captive audience. And I suspect the same embracement and adoption will be accepted by groups they are meaningful to.
I don’t really see any comments on these posts about the posts or stimulating positive discussion about possibilities beyond the bubble we live in.
Wikipedia gets 400 million visitors a month. It’s a dot org, but it’s also on the bookmarks that come preloaded in every browser. It’s also the first result when you look up a person or anything like Apollo project. You simply click because you are looking for information on a person or topic not the web address of an encyclopedia. I bet you didn't know it was a dotorg regardless of how much you visited it. Just like you have gotten all your music from iTunes but never went to shop for it.
Look in your hard drive and see .doc .psd .jpg .xls- what makes you think .Cloud is a web address and not an application. Applications are accessed via desktop icon. In software branding on the desktop is much more valuable than having a website accessed via search and browser.
I have said in my posts that the biggest opportunity in names is to replace the PC with a web-based PC. Maybe that’s .Cloud.
So the new tlds will make the web easier to use, people easier to find and give more people a way to own their future. They will also provide trust and assurance of who you are dealing with.
So what we need to be looking at is a massive shift in thinking that will bring the role and importance of domains center stage. How can we exploit that to promote and sell our inventories which have never been sold but bank on someone showing up. And it’s not working!
If Jeff can make or find a time machine, it’s the only way he can stop what most people call innovation and progress.
Mike has given us an unbelievable opportunity to collaborate, educate, innovate and become armed with tools and ammunition to find more success in what we do. We waste this we blow this by having a whine fest repeating the same old crap like a broken record.
Wake up. Pay attention. Get out of the domain cocoon. Google is evolving way beyond search with eye wear that snaps photos by human wink. Apple is launch a TV controlled by gesture. If you want to talk broken look at the comcast browser, the effort and level it takes to find what you need to search- ‘The smart money” is on seeing opportunity in adversity. If the solution creates a need for names, it will be a name that adds value to the total picture.
For years domainers have bought names they assumed people will want based on a ppc business model. But that’s not what customers want. Better to identify a need and then find a name to meet it.
My two cents…. and if you want to argue with an idiot- make a date to meet with me at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

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