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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dotcom Pioneer Blows Hundred Million $ Fortune On Extravagant Mansions, Failed Hotels, And Fine Art

Halsey Minor sold CNET networks for nearly $2 billion in 2008 and a tech firm he helped found to Google for $50 million in 2007.

Halsey s truly the dot TV king regging names like, and

But after splurging on a James River estate, an historic San Francisco mansion, and master artwork he couldn't afford, the former tech giant is struggling to pay back his many creditors

A tech pioneer once worth up to a $1 billion has filed chapter 7 bankruptcy after years of ill-fated investments that proved his financial expertise don’t extend outside the realm of the Internet.

Halsey Minor, 48, had to first climb high to make this epic tumble. And he did so with some shrewd investments in several soon-to-be profitable ventures.

The Charlottesville, Virginia native founded CNET, a television network and web brand focused on software and technology, in 1994.

CNET and it's portfolio of the world's greatest domain diamonds (we reported her)e, is now part of CBS. Even considering all Minor made, he left a lot of money on the table.

From my post in 2008, "What they don't know is that with untapped sub-domain potential applied, will close the lid on the dotTV coffin by giving every audience member their own channel with the ONLY extension that matters. MySpace tenants will jump ship in droves."

"Said Owen Frager, right here last May, "Notice CNET is right there behind IAC on that value list. CNET has sites and domains they haven't even fully launched/promoted yet along with fantastic content sites:,,,,,,,,, etc... I mean think about the example and wonder how many billions in subleases can be made from rather then TV after the dot."

"The world's most successful and respected domain investor, Frank Schilling, added on his own blog "In my opinion, CNET's is half as valuable as the entire .TV namespace." 

"But an analyst wrote: "They also get a company who has sprawled its identity over so many different domains that I'm not sure they recognize themselves anymore, much less have the brand recognition they had back in the 90s."

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