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Sunday, May 05, 2013

FLASHBACK: T.R.A.F.F.I.C 2010— "Critics Build Nothing"

For those still undecided about attending T.R.A.F.F.I.C, perhaps this flashback to some notes I took during just ONE session there demonstrates how much you can learn and the power players you will get to meet (and maybe sell a domain to).

"T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is the soul of the industry, without question. I am fortunate to be a part of it, and so are you." ~~DP

Danny Pryor's affection for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. reminded me of some smart advice I took-away and of the value it can create for you.

Chris Hartnett: "Critics Build Nothing"
"People are concerned about the economy and the future but no doubt there where more business opportunities, creative ideas and practical knowledge floating around TRAFFIC to start, build, maintain or expand an empire.

"Critics Build Nothing" as my father used to say. A productive and supportive business environment like this just doesn't happen and it doesn't happen because people throw money at a ticket. It happens because of the great efforts of master promoters who are seasoned leaders with practical business experience backed up with successful and proven track records. These individuals are really concerned about the future of the domain industry, their friends, their business partners and US, those who are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy, utilize and benefit from such a wonderful event such as this year's South Beach TRAFFIC.

And remember that the Castello Brothers use mini sites for brand protection, not for the money.

Lonnie Borck: "Don't Be Married to Domains"
Look to the future. Know that the net is a constantly moving entity that never pauses or sleeps for stragglers to catch up. Right now in a garage somewhere there are a couple of kids working on something that could render your business obsolete if you let that happen. You have vision. Be proactive. Never stop learning about your visitors. If someones got to put you out of business, it might as well be innovation from yourself.

Zappy: So you think I was there early and got lucky?
Domain deals don't happen. You have to look at them as businesses where you'll take the cost of acquiring a domain, add that much again to build it, then again after that to market it. It's not a set it and forget it mentality. You can't win without subject matter expertise, a business plan, exit strategy and passion for what you are doing.

True those days of wild west PPC are gone. But today more opportunities exist than ever. Take a domain that was recently acquired- this is a resurrection of a bygone method for paying purchases over time now that credit cards are overloaded and carrying up to 30% interest fees. Follow human behavior and look for the next new thing.

Random Notes
Stearns says cybersquatting is the wrong term. It should be something like homesteader.

Rick Schwartz says get into the mind of the user and give them a reason to type in the URL.

Gilmour ranks domains 1 to 100 (highest to lowest risk) and benchmarks against other names.

Olson shares 3 musts of website development: key word research; test everything (colors, copy, images); unique selling propositions. Olson says 90% of your names do zero--they cost you money. For names you develop, it's not an easy road. Have passion for it.

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, says domains are like popcorn---not sure which one will pop first. Be patient. The gold is there.

Climbing the mountain, what is needed -- Borck: passion, quality, research, focus, hard work. Zappy Zapolin adds: a good domain. Borck's advice for those who have a large domain portfolio: stay focused in one specifc area and then build the business

Adam Matuzich, SEO expert, advises: develop website for user, not to 'trick' Google. Relevant content first, Google will follow with rank.

Jackson talks about the beauty of domain names: gives you the power to distribute your media and has opened up the world (media links always go back to a website. It's a way to expand audience. Need web address where main info resides.

Michael Gilmore says be realistic about your domains. Just because you think they are good, others may not.

For your website, Adam recommends three important experts: developer, designer, content writer. Recommends reading Getting Things Done by David Allen.

When asked which is better, monetizing or developing domains, G. McNair says monetizing is cash flow now, developing is for future

ALSO... Overheard at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Stearns: You are not a CYBERSQUATTER, you are a HOMESTEADER (someone who got there first)

Look around you, these are business men not cybersquatters

"Pour your heart and soul into your website."

Monster: Domainers are good at buying low and selling high. Perhaps this is your passion? What you were born to do. Epik makes it easier for you to sell higher.

You can buy an article for $20 but make sure it's synced to your content and has at least 4 back links.

What is your total cost of ownership? Carrying a domain for years, defending it, the cost of opportunity lost by holding on to dead beats.

500 plus new extensions are coming. Are you ready?

Matuzich: Don't make it for Google, make it for users. Find your comfort level. Understand your budgets and constraints. Don't try to trick Google. Nothing ever happens without risk.'

Recommends book: "Getting Things Done" -- a 'to do" list take a 5 second test (tells you who is advertising for your keyword)

Re: TRAFFIC Miami - "My hat is off to Rick and Howard for puting on the best conference I've been to in years. The hotel, food, service, organisation, and everything was really incredible. It does need power point slides (they weren't allowed), and a stronger focus on education and research rather than chatty panels. The highlight was the hard hitting vetrans and powerful domain owners getting major business done. The conference was so beneficial. With such great people and business getting done, that my company will be swamped with new business for the next six months. A great problem to have. With so much business we will need to implement a production schedule with clients just to get all of them live and ensure they get the service they deserve." ~~Dan Warner

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