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Monday, May 13, 2013

Following our Stock Advice? Too Bad.

First we hit it out of the park with Apple (NADAQ: AAPL) which we recommended at $75 and is now well over $400.

Then, a few months ago, we recommended Alcatel (NYSE: ALU) based on its relationship with iPhone and Android and Windows. The phones simply can't complete a call with out it. It was just 70 cents and has now doubled to $1.50

On February 13, we showcased and recommended Nuvilex (OTCMKTS:NVLX) because it potentially presents a far greater upside as a major medical marijuana pure play in the biotechnology arena. 

That's popped nicely to as a reader writes:
"I have to thank you for the story about Nuvilex that you wrote Feb 21 putting the stock on my radar...since then the stock has gone from 5 cents to 17 cents! I researched the company a bit and only invested what I could afford to lose since it's a penny stock, but the returns are nice. Nuvilex seems to have some big upside. This is one of the reasons I read your blog each cover many different areas of interest beyond domains. Keep up the great work on your's always a great read!"

We are glad there are lots of folks out there who "get it" and benefit from the work we do. It's what motivates me every day.

I know of readers who have made millions on these tips all this year so far alone, while others struggle with the domain game based on Estibot metrics and thinking, which peaked long ago. Just thinking about the application here of NVLX as a 6-figure LLLL that Estibot, and most domainers too, would overlook— pains me deeply.

But to each his own. If you made money, you can buy me a drink in Vegas. I appreciate your readership and support. And if you like what we are doing, tell your friends.

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