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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Former Employer Confirms Owen / SIRI Rumors— all Moving Towards A World Without Typing

It's the world I've been trying to prepare readers for. The Alaska airlines example below is a case in point.

That in mind, I do see some merits in Windy City's (aka KS) argument on The Domains. Not the part about the extortionist domainers peeing on their own parade and creating competition with gtlds (he's obviously bitter over a deal he couldn't get done, but guys like that are not  going to come back with a $10 million dollar bonus when they sell the company that got its headstart with your name.)

Anyway I digress and am typing too much which defeats the purpose of these cut and paste curations to save my fragile hands for the paying assignments.

Windy says, ""Feel free to say whatever disparaging thoughts come to mind regarding the youth of the world.

The younger generations around the world are well acquainted with web sites that do not have .com at the end. Maybe someday the “geniuses” will get the message(or other younger geniuses will replace them) and there will be an epiphany of sorts regarding the irrelevant attribute of dot com..
That they will replace you, me and everyone else eventually is undeniable. The likelihood that the dot com extension will be brought down to earth is already happening, with a cupla exceptions, so there is no argument there. No, I doubt that there will be a dot com “renaissance”, so to speak, although I would love to see it.
Hey, I’m as big a .com guy as the next domainer and need to see good roi on my .com investments also, but time and technology apparently has other plans for cyberspace in the 21st century…"
Yes Windy, they are app-driven, can't tell you here Iraq, Cyprus or New Zealand are on a map, and could even string together a hand--written thank you note for squat.
But dismiss at your own peril because someday you will ask yourself "where was I when the future passed me by?" And I'll remind you that you were right here with the best head start handed to you on a silver platter. When you talk 'direct navigation" what could be more direct than SIRI, APPS and Passport. You couldn't get better advice from ASIRI herself :)

PS. Windy... navigation and branding are two different animals. Look around you whether a tree or a table or a person, everything has a name and will always need one. Ideally it's better if that name can be located in cyberspace by tagging a dotCOM onto it and never even needing to advertise it for customers to know it. Like Nike, McDonalds, Macy's, etc. 

As the Cantonese proverb goes “To be given a bad name is worse than to be born with a bad fate.” 

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