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Monday, May 27, 2013

Frank Schilling Gems Circa 2007: "This List Is Sad"

This post or a comment I left on it brought someone to my door today and me to it. Hindsight is 20/20 but boy did so many people lose so much even after refusing the great advice of the smartest domainer alive. Go figure. (well I can go figure because I refuted even better advice one day from Frank).

Here is the entire post and the original link (hard to be otherwise found)

October 24, 2007


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First, thank you for sharing all the outstanding photos and insight from TRAFFIC East -- Fun & Educational!
Work hard, play hard!
Frank, the GoDaddy Auction will be a success.
Look, the dotMobi extension has had several critics raising a legitimate discussion.
However, the extension was introduced, launched and marketed by the mTLD.
The mTLD is sponsored and financially supported by Nokia, T-Mobile, Samsung, Three, Google, Microsoft, Ericson, Visa and Vodafone.
dotMobi's PR & Advertising firm is the very prestigious Edelman Agency whose clients are MySpace, Heineken, UPS, Microsoft, Orange, GE and several other well-known brands.
DotMobi is now 1 year old.
Here is dotMobi's track record:
1.) Disney now runs commercials flaunting their dotMobi ( leveraging the very popular High School Musical 2 brand.
2.) Bank of America (The largest bank in the United States)has adopted .mobi by launching commercials featuring an Olympic star using and they promote throughout their bank branches.
3.) ESPN now runs promotions for on there website and during their broadcast commercials.
4.) Other notables include: The Weather Channel (, FoxNews (, Marriott(, Zagat ( (, Amtrak (, axa ( and many, many other well-know companies continue to adopt and build dotMobi sites compatible for the Mobile Web.
5.) Google is now marketing .mobi resources/tools on
6.) Strong dotMobi results at TRAFFIC Hollywood and SEDO dotMobi Auction: $ 101,000 $ 51,501 $ 51,500 $ 47,000$ 42,005 $ 42,000 $ 36,008 $ 33,510 $ 31,500 $ 30,000 $ 26,100 $ 25,500 $ 21,000 $ 20,500 $ 20,500 $ 16,000 $ 15,000 $ 12,600 $ 12,100 $ 11,185 $ 10,600 $ 10,100 $ 10,100 $ 8,100 $ 8,100 $ 7,500 $ 7,194 $ 7,100 $ 6,750 $ 6,750
and many many more!
Clearly, dotMobi will not supplant dotcom on the extension throne.
However, dotMobi is increasingly becoming the most popular extension to emerge since dotcom.
dotMobi is a global extension whose intention is purposeful -- bringing user-friendly content/standards to the MobileWeb.
All said results by dotMobi have been accomplished in only 1 year. Heck, all the other top-level domain extensions are 5, 10, 15 years old!
Frank, now that time has unfolded what are your current impressions with respect to dotMobi?

Thank you,
***FS*** Thanks William. I still won't buy them.. but perhaps I'm simply stubborn.. Don't let me influence you, but I am avoiding them because the extension makes no sense to me (iphone browsing with .com key). It gets no advantage in a mobile setting and has no natural organic traffic. I still don't see them in use (on tv) nor do i use the extension myself .. Again, thanks for your comment.. and question.
Ugh. Bob's just playing one of his "tricks" on the domain field/industry, right?
This is the best they could come up with, out of what, at least some 1,000's (if not 10's of 1,000's) of submissions they must have received?
No fewer than these 14 (and all the .mobi's of course) are plain and simple junk:
I--and any domainer/investor worth his salt--wouldn't pay more than 5k for any of these.
Frankly, if this is the best Bob and his team can come up with, his new auction "platform" is sunk.
No competition for Monte here.
When I first saw the list, I thought two things. It's a short list, and some obvious domains not worth 10k each. But they'll run the auction and we'll see what happens.
Rob Taylor
The mTLD is sponsored and financially supported by Nokia, T-Mobile, Samsung, Three, Google, Microsoft, Ericson, Visa and Vodafone. "
I keep reading this, does anyone have a source to show how much , where and when these companies have put cash in to .mobi?
Vodafone for one has opted for pushing their net traffic through their own mobile filter to make 'lite' pages than push .mobi. is the one 'solid' page, but that is full of quotes from a while back... nothing *firm*.
Please dont quote the wiki page at me either, or I will edit it and quote it right back at you ;-)
David Wrixon
Ultimately, domainers will chase the domains not the platform. It is what you buy, or how much you sell for that matters, not the TRAFFICS or SEDO cachets.
If Go-Daddy attract good names they will succeed. If not they will fail. They have a natural audience, so they have every likelihood of success.
I believe that all of us have an interest in establishing a transparent competitive market place. I am no Go-Daddy fan, but this development can only help in achieving that goal.
Ugggh!! Parsons needs to hire a couple people that know what they're doing attracting and qualifying premium names to auction. Most of these I'd debate paying to reg. Several are newer regs only a couple to few months old and show it. Ugly babies for sure. Also isn't the .mobi craze over? Don't make sense to me.
Johnny B. Good

Man.... even TDNAM has better domains dropping than most of these.
This auction will not be of any great measurable success. It definitely will not be memorable, which is not a good way to start off the new service.
It's hard to take them seriously with a list like this.
Johnny B. Good
This list is sad.
For their inagural GoDaddy auction this is a 2nd class bunch of domains. GoDaddy definately needs to hire someone more qualified to provide input and seek out quality names. It will be very interesting to see what they sell for.

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