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Friday, May 31, 2013

Matt Cutts Debunked; "Musk" Oil; Business Survival 101; Sorry Louise 4GPhone is Called Moto X

ps. Good News Musk Oil- Elon Musk offering charging stations for the new Telsa's (stock went from $25 to 100 so stay tuned!) 

What does all this have to do with domaining? Well to develop and get traffic you need to know your way around Google and that's where the Matt Cutts flowchart comes in. To offer your domains to end users you need to sharpen your email skills so be sure to see the piece on that. And if you have domains up and running and think you have success locked, the next disrupter for your idea is just a click away.

Rapid change in business and technology is the “new normal.” However, in the 21st Century, “change” is actually too weak a descriptor.

Today, it’s all about transformation. This means you can’t go backward, and you can’t stand still. You can’t rest on your laurels and you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done — even if you do your best to keep doing it better.

The only way for your company to survive, let alone thrive, is to continuously reinvent and redefine.

Reinvent and redefine what? Everything.  Continued in Company Survival 101 below

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