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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Near 6-Figure Sale of Leads May Month of "Diamonds" Tiffany Boxed and Sent On Their Way With Love to End Users From At Domain Name Sales

First a reminder in Domain grammar. 

Rules of thumb: The best Green and Cloud domains won't have those words in them (think,, or the available for fast close The only .ME names that have end user campaign value are "call-to-action" advertising names that imply action- a verb not past tense. Pay.ME versus That in mind I congratulate a great sale this week made on Sedo Ticket.ME.

Domain Name Sales is gunning towards breaking the regular million dollar weekly figure and will soon rival leaders Sedo and Name Media, each who had a decade's head start, in weekly output.

Here are Domain Name Sales Results Week Ending May 19th $3-5k  $5-10k USD $10-20K (schaffer)      $20-50k  (Arco) $3-5K      $20-50k      $5-10k  $5-10K $50-100K $10-20K     $5-10k USD (Schaffer) (Mann)     $10-20k  $10-20k  (JB) $3-5K (Steve T) $3-5K (Schaffer)  $3-5K     $20-50k

May to Date Total Sales $10-20K (Mann) $3-5k $5-10k $3-5k $3-5k USD (Schaffer) (Schaffer)  $5-10k USD $10-20K (schaffer) $10-20k $3-5k  (Kauffman) (Schaffer)      $20-50k $10-20K (Schaffer)  (Arco) $3-5K $20-50k USD      $20-50k $5-10K (Kauffman to Strong)      $5-10k $3-5K (Mann)    $3-5K  $5-10K $5-10k (Ian Andrew) (Kauffman) $3-5K  $5-10K $50-100K $10-20K     $5-10k USD $3-5k $5-10K  (Flanders) $10-20k (to Napa Valley Tourist Association) (Schaffer) (Mann)     $10-20k  $10-20k  (JB) $3-5K    $5-10K (Steve T) $3-5K (BRILLIANT- Trincate Find Shoe Laces you know like sox the other one always disappears!) (Schaffer)  $20-50K  $3-5K $3-5K     $20-50k (Schaffer) (Kauffman) $3-5K (Ian Andrew)  $20-50K (Schaffer to Adobe MAP APP) $5-10K (Hoger) $5-10k $20-50k $20-50k 

As always, check with DNJournal Wednesday afternoon for the most accurate pricing and exclusively reported results.

See how end-users are applying domains they bought since DNS opened it's doors to domainers in October 2011

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