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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Off Lease Only (.com) @$2500 Needs A Lot of Advertising to Match Off Lease (.com)

It's all about "TRUNCATION" baby- the difference one word can make. This convenient example fell into my lap this morning. The key is "as seen on TV" my point is with one less word, there'd never be a need to advertise on TV. How do you put that key revenue generator versus domain  as a cost, in the old Estibot pipe and smoke it?

Been noticing the spots playing endlessly here locally. The guy is so proud when he gives his call to action name at the end. But of course I heard it wrong and went to, a site once owned by my friend Lonnie Borck which is now shrouded in privacy.

This is a very strong keyword in advertising marketing that wouldn't have occurred to me before. But this example shows that when you buy a "second or third best" name on the cheap, or a new TLD for cheaper, it will cost you more. Maybe even your future.

BTW, is available right now via Domain Name Sales

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