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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reddit Wants To Be The New TV

Reddit Turned 'Explain Like I'm Five' Into A Video Series And Is Betting On Original Video Content  For Yahoo-Bygone-Eyeballs & Ads Monetization Model

As a follow up and more fact-based support for my arguments in my recent post "Big Media Moves Cast Doubt on a Future For dotTV" that sparked at Name Pros revolt.... Via AdAge:

"The "80s cliché is that video killed the radio star. Now it's quickly killing other priorities as a growing number of media concerns put greater focus on original programming, all in a quest for higher CPMs. Some are new players. 

Consider Reddit, for example.

Nearly two years after its split from Condé Nast -- in 2011, it became an independent subsidiary of Condé's parent company, Advance Publications -- Reddit is now making a concerted effort to court top brand-name consumer advertisers by weaving them into original video programming. This comes as it aims to broaden its appeal beyond its huge core tech-savvy community.

In March it started to turn some of its more popular subreddit verticals into dedicated shows. The first such effort -- ”Explain Like I'm Five” -- launched in partnership with DonorsChoose as a proof of concept, according to Reddit General Manager Erik Martin. The series takes complex topics like the war in Syria and stock-market swings and explains them to 5-year-olds. The effort aimed to encourage the Reddit community to donate to the educational nonprofit.

Next up: an attempt to bring the popular “Crazy Ideas” subreddit to life. An animated series will focus on a gym called “Resolutions” that for the month of January is a gym, but the rest of the year is a bar. The series has not secured a sponsor yet."

Remember the wise words of Frank Schilling (who doesn't seem to own any .TV at all) back in 2007 ""If you had the luck, savvy and foresight to register or at registration price, you will do fine long term.. maybe even do outstandingly well." And has a browser at Reddit.TV. But neither of those will even pass the SIRI test so the guy who owns ReadIt.TV might get "Frank Schilling lucky."

But as I say your own wallet isn't lying to you. Hate me but when the shit hits the fan, don't say we didn't warn you."

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