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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We Pop Up (.com): Creative Strategy and Concepts in 48 Hours On Site

An interesting idea from Springwise

We’ve seen virtually innumerable variations on the “pop-up” theme over the years, but recently we came across one we hadn’t seen before. Enter The Pop Up Agency, a group of six creative students who take residency at clients’ sites for 48 hours, deliver a concept or strategy, and then move on to their next destination.
Comprising an international team based largely in Sweden, the Pop Up Agency began as a way to enable theHyper Island business course students to work on real-life projects in their spare time, which has essentially consisted of weekends. Now – in place of an internship program at the school – the Pop-Up Agency is doing an experiment in May and June whereby it plans to pop up in 15 different countries in 15 weeks working on two-day projects. “For 48 hours the Pop Up Agency will work for you,” the team explains. “We’ll share our way of working and thinking with you, which includes the methodology we learned at Hyper Island. In those 48 hours we are able to create a concept or strategy that will give you a fresh and new perspective on the brief.”
In reality, each 48-hour project typically takes about four days, the company notes. Clients need not pay for the team’s time, however; instead, all the Pop Up Agency asks are six tickets to the client’s location, places to work and sleep, and meals for those four days. Startups and agencies are the company’s target audience. The video below explains the premise in more detail:
How could you start up an agency with minimal investment and potentially maximal impact? Look to the Pop-Up Agency’s example, perhaps. One for inspiration!
Spotted by: Murray Orange

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