Frager Factor

Thursday, June 27, 2013

21-Year Old Gets $3.8 Million; Bill Gates Buys a $8.7 Snow Bird House; Running A Marijuana Business & US millennial bandwagon

Today we'll also explore Why Are So Many College Graduates Driving Taxis?....  How the Way 18-29 Years Olds Use Their Phones Is Totally Different Than... and discover The New 'digital dementia' plaguing young tech users....

Plus What moved the Domain Market in May and June ?:  Via Michael Marcovici sold for 300.000 USD (Yinang means “silver institution” for the English word Bank), 252.000 USD, 162.500 USD, 120.000 USD,

BTW, Be sure to catch the best ad I've ever seen about the Internet (but you won't even know it's an ad until you get to the end and it would be a spoiler alert to tell you more- just know 9 million views of this on YouTube!)

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