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Saturday, June 08, 2013

3D Printing Matures / Thrives; Are Coders Worth it? Taxi E-Hail in NYC; Malware & Trademark Enforcement

Plus the best article I've read on the $1000 per US Citizen a year we spend spying on ourselves; Will the new Internet domains help or hinder small businesses and... your not going to believe what advertisers are asking you to do with toilet paper to get some viral brand juice.

Also- he makes nothing, writes nothing original, has no employees or complex graphics- in fact Drudge has the most profitable model on the web and rather then take a cue from it, others like USA and HuffPO are doing everything they can to trump up the bounce rates with complex graphics and "cool" factor. Just ponder these stats for a moment- one man, one domain, no development you or I couldn't do with out own two hands and a template. The key is that he is like what I am trying to do here, being a great curator sorting through mounds of content and having an eye for the unusual, the interesting...


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  • Owen Frager Probably the wisest speech ever given by an American president. Did the people listen? Of course not. Instead they pursued a course of apathy and over consumption that has led to the truly dire state of things today. Orwell was a prophet.

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