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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Domain Name Sales: More Brokers = More Sales w/Dot NET Averaging $7.5K

"I'd like to refer he and all of you who think the same way to this insightful article: 19 Lottery Winners Who Had It and Blew It All. With that kind of thinking you might get ahead in domaining but you'll never stay ahead."

Frank Schilling is a guy who likes to place bets. Educated bets. Well researched and informed bets. And so his gamble on dotNET is really bearing fruit as was his Gamble to bring rock star broker Jeff Gabriel to the Caymans and give him the latitude to build a local, powerhouse team. And each week's sales that I report show the difference between an informed gamble and a "drunk" or "pot-headed" gamble. Even the elite squad that buys for Frank has been on a dotNet binge, an example would be yesterdays catch of HairStylist.Net and where you'll see it landing in ten days.

Frank has always advocated not buying things you don't understand. He has avoided dot TV, dot ME and others because they were lacked a type-in revenue stream to support themselves. His gamble with Uniregistry is different. Because with each of the 800 people who inquire about his domains and can't afford them, he will have something else to offer. For each of the 100K warm leads in his system there is already a market before he invested a dime. 

You or I don't have that and this is what makes Frank's business different. Why one can't just try to imitate what he does on another extension and expect the same result.

When I reported this week's dotNet sales on Facebook I struggled to understand why anyone would buy a .PW when proof of real possibility has been proven with dotNet. A domainer friend replied, "Truth be told, I bought about 10. The reason for the purchase was merely because I won some extra $$$ in Las Vegas, so for me they were free & I decided to take a gamble and roll the dice to see if I could double my flow." I like to refer he and all of you who think the same way to this insightful article: 19 Lottery Winners Who Had It and Blew It All. With that kind of thinking you might get ahead in domaining but you'll never stay ahead.

And now results for the week ending June 23, 2013 from Domain Name Sales  $3-5K
70mustang.Com  $5-10
Artaos.Com       $5-10K $10-20K (Dicker) $20-50k  $5-10K  $50-100k    
Diplomados.Com $10-20k
DiscoverPeru.Com $5-10K  $10-20k           -
Euroccp.Com $3-5k
FlashText.Net $5-10k
FloralSupply.Net (Kauffman) (Shane) (Morgan Linton)
HockeyCamps.Com $5-10k
JackPotz.Co$5-10k Usd $20-50k  $20-50k $20-50k
PiccoloPress.Com  (Shane)         $10-20k USD
ShareHere.Com $3-5k     
SwimShop.Net $5-10k

Here are your results June to Date (dot NET highlighted in yellow)  $3-5K
Acrosky.Com  $5-10
AnimalDoctors.Com  $15K
Artaos.Com (Axsiom)  $3-5K       $5-10K $10-20K (Dicker)
BoatsForSale.Com  $162K $12K $20-50k
Cheats4game.Com  $5-10K      
Cobin.Com  $14K  $50-100k
Cruiter.Com   $4K USD
CustomHotels.Com    $8,750K USD  $5-10K    
DigitalLicence.Com $6,250
DiningConcepts.Com (Kauffman)
Diplomados.Com $10-20k
DrillingJobs.Com $5-10K $5-10K  $10-20k          -
Englishtraining.Com $5-10K (Media Blue) $5K (STEAL!)    
Ethemes.Com (Kauffman)
Euroccp.Com $3-5k
Fantasysuite.Com  (Kauffman)
FlashText.Net $5-10k
Fortknight.Com $39K (Kauffman)
Goldrsh.Com  (Kauffman)
GoodLeadership.Com $10-20K
Gsmgallery.Com  $3-5K
H1bee.Com   (Shane)
HiddenRecords.Com (Kauffman) (Morgan Linton)
HockeyCamps.Com $5-10k
HostStats.Com (Schaffer)
Hwloc.Com (Kauffman)
InterNordic.Com  $20-50 (Bindal, Prakhar)
Issm.Com        $3-5k USD
JackPotz.Co$5-10k Usd
JamaicanFood.Com  $10-20K
JerkStore.Com  $10-20K
Littlefox.Com  $20-50K (kauffman)
Lombardies.Com  $3-5K
MarketBistro.Com  $7K $20-50k
Melvyn.Com  $20-50K
MoneyLink.Com $20-50K      
MyJourneys.Com $5-10K (Page Howe)
NaturesLab.Com (Kauffman)  $20-50k $20-50k
OrtoraVittorio.Com $10K  $10-20K           
PhoneProtect.Com (Schaffer) (redirect
PiccoloPress.Com $10-20K
PrimaryData.Com      $5-10k USD (Steal for big data brand)
ProPickem.Com $3-5 (Chad W)  (Shane) 
Quif.Com $2-50K       
RHCA.Com      $18K      $10-20k USD         
SeeMeNow.Com  (Kauffman)
Seequence.Com  $10.5K
SeguridadPrivada.Com  $4K
ShareHere.Com $3-5k $7,800
SportLounge.Com $10-20k
SwimShop.Net $5-10k
TheDodo.Com $10-20k
ThisIsMe.Com $50-100K       $5K
TicketHound.Com      (Flanders)$10-20K
TileExpo.Com (King)  $25K
Trac360.Com (Donna Schaffer)
Treed.Net  $3-5K
Turoko.Com  $8750 (steal!)

As always, check with DNJournal Wednesday afternoon for the most accurate pricing and exclusively reported results.

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