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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finally, 13 Years later, Venture Capitalists Discover Marketing (And Marketing's Best Tool: The Domain Name) Takes A Page Right Out of Domain Success

Following the dot COM crash in 2000, I wrote a domain primer dispensing advice on how the next generation of entrepreneurs could reinvent the Internet, and next time get it right.

I cited a Wall Street Journal article called "Venture Capitalist Discover Marketing" which was an indictment of how the failed companies focused on technology and never had the marketing plan or skills to make that technology successful. "When we get funded, we can hire someone," was the attitude at the time. The article argued the reverse is true because success begins with understanding and marketing is the process of understanding the problem and positioning the value of your solution.

Today, the domain name choice alone is one of the most critical marketing strategies that most companies overlook (certainly bad names have been a major contributor to the demise of these once proud companies now buried in Tech Crunch's dot COM dead pool.

In the Domain Success primer I argue that starting with the right name will save a lot of time and money later so you might now have to need funding let alone wait for it.

All this in mind, I was pleased to read Andrew's story about a Venture Capitalist who got it right and I hope his story inspires more to following. It's another sale for my pal Scott and if you look at his sales, many have branded now successful companies who might otherwise have been in the dead pool.

Scott is more than a successful domainer. He is PROOF of concept. 

Whereas 90% of the Tech Crunch dead pool are named to be DOA (Dead on Arrival); perhaps great ideas that will never stand a chance launched with that you can't spell or pronounce nor explains what they make or do or can do for you.

In the case of Scott's sales the name's value is in its ability to say what the buyer means or does.

Something end users reading this need to think more about.

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