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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Forbes: Define Your Ideas on The Domains That Define The Internet

Verisign plays offense getting provocative ads in the face of end user decision makers on the mandatory landing page everyone has to stop at before proceeding to the content they clicked to visit.  

The campaign also takes aim at Facebook with a flash-like in two screens:

Frame 1: "My business doesn't need a website because we use social media"

Frame 2: "Truth: Customers prefer doing business with a company that also has a website"

This is the beginning of an information pay ops campaign designed to trump up the TLDs. For media it's a bonanza akin to an election year as Shane pointed out yesterday. But I agree the domain pubs will  not be the targets. The keyword rich GLTDS will provide precise targeting to those communities of interest.

Get ready for a bumpy ride. Take those offers now and don't be a pig. You may regret it next year if this thing works but I know nothing sells like the power of advertising and these are the first campaigns that go to where the need is rather than blogs where they only preached the already converted.

Note that "Define Your Ideas on The Domains That Define The Internet" (meaning dotCOM and dotNet)  the only two domains mega-investor Frank Schilling has bet on until seizing total control over any other alternative he will embrace.

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