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Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting The Right Domain Name; What iOS 7 Will Look Like On The iPad; Google: Increase Click-Through Rates 100%; Facebook Made Me Do It

Hat Tip to: Domain Bell, Andy Hilliard and Dave Kerpen. All about Morgan Linton's new toy: Medium. Steve Davies likes being proactive when it comes to securing domain names related to his brand and affiliated companies. He's registered about 20 domains that incorporate his name or related...

Plus Google is working on a new plan that would help to wipe child porn from the web. As Google works to improve its mobile product, the company says its redesigned ads in Google Maps will increase click-through rates by 100%. And Apple did a lot of borrowing for the latest release of its mobile operating system, and MacRumors found something in iOS 7 that will seem awfully familiar to Google Now users.

Owen Frager

Owen Frager

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