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Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Funds Weed; FDA Bust Includes Walgreens / CVS Spoof Sites; Solar Flare- Huge threat to Internet Biz

Many domains included: In another sign of print media's demise, the Boston Globe is going on sale for as low as $100 million, a fraction of The New York Times Company's purchase.... 

PLUS: Cancer patients who Google the words "chemotherapy nausea" today get a host of advertisements for treatment, including pills, skin patches and folk remedies used to prevent vomiting. Next month, however, the same search will turn up an ad for something a bit more controversial: medical marijuana.

The change comes courtesy of the charitable unit of Google, which last week gifted a Michigan medical marijuana advocacy group $120,000 worth of its services. As part of the grant, the group, Michigan Compassion, will be able to promote medical marijuana use through Google's popular AdWords platform -- the plain-text advertisements that pop up to the right side of any given search result.

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