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Saturday, June 01, 2013

High-Ticket Boats and Jets and CCTLd Owners Backwards Branding Contributing to Smooth Sailing, High-Flying Domain Name Sales May Close

Climate Change Is The Real Fiscal Cliff
dotTV Will Be Among Its First Casualties

Photo: Vice / HBO
Earlier this week Domain Gang scooped me to two of Frank' s biggest sales and at least $200K between them, that when added to the others below, make the million dollar week Gabriel promises soon more than an impossible dream. Got to take Arco off filter now!

A big blip on my radar came this week as an x-Microsoft Manager declared his intention to start a Marijuana brand. With legalization a whole industry is next. What domineer is holding what to MJ will be what the name Camels was to Cigarettes. Another example of future trends that are right under your nose and impossible to consider with canned appraisals.

Also confirmed this week is what I have been saying since studying end user buying patterns on Frank's sales, was stated in an article on about the sale. "Critical value proposition disclosed here which is driving record sales among cctlds reverse branding to dotCOM: “As a global company and we wanted a web address that reflects our strong brand and worldwide presence.” To do business globally companies outside the US need to step up to  a dotCOM address.

Lastly this week I have covered all of the news that is going to have an impact on the future of television just as we expect 1000 new TLDS has to change domaining as we've known it. To spite the occasional bought for the reg fee AAA1 name like Mike just sold on Bob.TV, Frank Schilling's 2007 advice was right on the money. Last night HBOS new news show Vice, clearly showed the rising sea levels in and around the host country for .TV and talked about how plans are underway to relocate residents in countries like India. I doubt the domain goes with them, but someone might apply for it as a new TLD and change the rules.  

Here are the sales for the week: $150-250k  $10-20k (kauffman) (kauffman)- $20-50k (Kauffman) $5-10k $5-10k $5-10k $10-20k (chernoff) $5-10k  $3-5k  $10-20k $5-10k usd (kauffman) $3-5k $5-10k $5-10k #3-5k (schaffer)  $10-20k  $5-10k $10-20

May Sales Pending Confirmation and To Be Edited Throughout the Weekend (Click on links to see propagation and application)

As in life, knowledge is POWER in domaining
Donna knows CAD, so she'd know AUTODESK would go for this

Mike Mann has a history of taking two words like New Age and tagging everything else and you get 100 brand, Bobs, American, Authentic are words like that... (Would you have thought of using it like this? Estibot wouldn't)
A(redacted) (Kauffman) (very interesting site) $10-20K (Mann) $3-5k $5K $3-5k USD (Schaffer) (Schaffer)  $5-10k USD $8,750K $10-20K $150-250k (schaffer)  $10-20K $10-20k  (Kauffman) (Schaffer)      $20-50k  $17.5k $10-20K (Flanders) $10-20K (kauffman) $16,500 (Schaffer)  (Arco) $3-5K (kauffman)- $39.5K $20-50k USD      $20-50k (Bridgestone) $20-50K  $3K $5-10K (Kauffman to Strong)      $5-10k $3-5K (Mann)    $3-5K  $5.5K $5-10k (Ian Andrew) (kauffman) $6k (Kauffman) $10-20K  $5-10K $7k $50-100K $10-20K $5-10k     $5k USD $3-5k $5-10K  (Flanders) $10-20k (to Napa Valley Tourist Association) $3-5K (Naples Guru) (Schaffer) (redirect to     $10-20k $6K  $10-20k  (JB) $3-5K    $5-10K (Steve T) $3-5K $10-20k (chernoff) $8,750k  $3-5k  $10-20k (BRILLIANT- Trincate Find Shoe Laces you know like sox the other one always disappears!)  $5.5K $4.5K (Schaffer) $5K usd  $20-50K (truncate  $3K (Steal!) (Schaffer) (Kauffman) $4k $3-5K $6k (A Steal!)     $20-50k (Schaffer) (Kauffman) $3-5K (Ian Andrew)  $5-10K  $20-50K (redirect $5-10K (redirect Ten Horns Spain) $5-10k $3k (Schaffer to Adobe MAP APP) $5-10K (Hoger) (schaffer) $5-10K  $10-20k  $5.4k $5-10k $10-20k $20-50k $20-50k 

As always, check with DNJournal Wednesday afternoon for the most accurate pricing and exclusively reported results.

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