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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Making Call-to-Action News: Guard Your Manhood (.com) Tena (.US) ShowYour Fangs (.com) and The Outlook

"TV shows are bursting out beyond 500 cable channels 24/7 all over the web, and every show must have a title. This gives new meaning and great new opportunities to domain investors that didn't exist when they bought some of their names in the 90s. Time for brokerages to open "Entertainment and Show Title" tabs"

In call-to-action campaigns GuardYourManhood.COM, Tena.US take on personal hygiene and burgeoning new business of adult diapers called anything but. And the new trend of men buying "wipes." (does that mean more women will be buying strap-ons as the latest Kardashian episode explored.. and you know what's good for the Kardashians is...). This may or may not bode well for Amazon's purchase of, but as i reported here, they are building original TV programing to packaged in as value add for Amazon Prime members, specifically to push these new kinds of "bottom" line builders." is a promotion for Vampire-loving viewers for HBO's hit show, True Blood smartly located at Not sure how much HBO paid for these non-reported sales, but again it shows sales you will never hear about whose raison d'etre is very different than the criteria Estibot puts their price on. Note redirects to Bill Hartzer would tell me that's bad. But still better than going to market with this long address.

The latest trend in commercials is to advertise male adult diapers using Depends "Shields and Guards." In this spot,  Tony Siragusa, of Sopranos fame, models the bathroom of a man who needs a bit of protection with "Guard Your Manhood." Learn more here:

Tena is a new Tampon competitor you can't miss on their TV ads with the catchy jingle and all the gals dancing the "Tena twist" because they got it locked with Tena. Interesting Tena chose the  dot US extension. I don't think I've seen another spot branded this way. But if they keep  on coming and the new TLDs follow suit, a domain name sea change will happen. 

ABC went to air last night with a new program called "The Outlook" without being live though it looks to be in the hand of their producer. Prior to the NewMedia Group owning the domain it was owned by a Newspaper. (BTW, I can not find any evidence of TheOutlook even have any web presence at all even on ABC's site!)

This is the latest in a huge 2013 trend to name TV shows with a The followed by keyword. We recently reported on the same error as FX launched "The Americans" which goes to a buy domains page. 

The Americans is one Mike Berkens (world's biggest investor in "the" keyword domains)  missed on his current list of Television shows airing on major networks all starting with the word “the”

The View
The Talk
The Voice
The Taste
The Job
The Following
The Simpsons
TheVampire Diaries
TheX Factor
TheReal Housewives
The New Normal
The Middle
As Berkens points out "We think that domains beginning in the word “the” as long as its with a natural matching word or term are like great .me domains with a matching verb or call to action term like or
These domains are naturals.
Immediate brands.
These types of domains can save a company millions or tens of millions that they would otherwise have to spend to  in teaching the public the brand.
These types of domains don’t need to be taught to the public, the customers, the first time they hear it they will   remember, it because they will already know the brand."
However as we pointed out to Berkens HERE, there are applications where "THE" preface is a pain in the ass and that's driving one of the most expensive TRUNCATION-motivated rebranding's in the history of marketing creating a windfall for portfolio beholders like Frank Schilling who still have the one-word gems until they are taken out of play forever.
Going to market without the matching domain for a TV show was an expensive lesson for the Today Show and fellow "American" domain need American Idol. These are hundred million dollar global franchises. It's just silly to hold out on the name because you can't get over the fact someone else got there first.
Especially with all the buzz about this show- NY Times SLATE and more. Now every time its discussed on TV, the visitor will land here :)

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