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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Motorola Introduces Password Pill; 100 Million Unsafe Browsing Warnings on Google; FTC On Google's Case Again; How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo

Bill Hartzer: Motorola has developed a pill that has a tiny chip in it. That chip would basically turn your entire body into an authentication device, and you would theoretically never have to remember another password in your life. Naturally, the pill would pass through.

Plus why prizes work.... and call tracking allows businesses to know which form of advertising or campaigns that keep the phone ringing. This helps them stop wasting money on the ads that aren’t so effective and focus on a campaign that is more effective in driving buying... Marissa's report card.....

....finally Email newsletters are an important staple of email marketing, so why are you taking the risk of not making yours the best that you can?

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