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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oscar / GoDaddy Suit Hell For Parking; Sean Parker: Still an Asshole; ESPN Makes $10 Billion a Year & Google Reader Alternatives

PLUS Etsy conference room names ...Welcome to the start of a long 4th of July week vacation for some. That in mind, also this morning: 11 Cocktails Inspired by Tech Visionaries; The Uptown Sour, a New York Summer Staple and since you'll want to catch up on your reading on the beach With Google Reader shutting down on July 1, here are the best alternatives in my view. If you read this blog by RSS, thanks for subscribing and don’t let the Google Reader shut-down get in your way with keeping up! So here’s some info on how to...

and the law suit at GoDaddy could create major issues for parking companies - Film Academy Nears Trial Against GoDaddy Over 'Oscars' Trademarks

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