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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Record $85 Million to Ronaldo; Subway Spokesman Makes $15 Million Eating Sandwiches and It's Time To Tell The Truth About Domain Name Appraisals

With contributions from Rick Schwartz, Joel Skretvedt, Andrew Hazen, Mike Berkens and Brad Hines.  Featuring... BING maps the world; mother nature's revenge continues: Apocalyptic' sandstorm hits Nevada (not Egypt- VEGAS!)... a 27-vehicle pileup; airport delays puking and nose bleeding on 12 hour un-air conditioned tarmac hold (TRAFFIC missed by a week); MacOS X Mavericks .com domain name is for sale, cue Apple's lawyers..  Germany / Hungry Flooded- whole towns under water; Colorado on Fire; Extreme Heat Covers Most of US and is anyone ready for Hurricane Season?  Also … Ron Paul: I’m worried that the government might kill Edward Snowden... Eight Percent of Amazon’s Sales Are Coming From Mobil; Heinz Introduces GREEN Ketchup. Outsells Red 2-1 Within One Week! (ad I have a new prospect for the best "green" domain ion the planet— !) As Rick Schwartz says time and patience while the world catches up.

Important: Australian Dollar Plunges as Home Loans Dive; Australia... what that means for us

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