Frager Factor

Friday, June 21, 2013

Solar-Powered Tablet (.com) & FoodToEat (.com) Helps Food Trucks Go Digital

btw, Here is another example of a company goes to market with brand names without matching domains (at least in US)..., and are parked and for sale. Think of Tim Ferris' next book when he can travel with a solar tablet!

We recently covered the SatSleeve, an iPhone case that turns the device into a powerful satellite phone capable of making calls from any location. Now the Earl is a tablet specifically engineered for rigorous outdoor use..... Plus The Genius Of Instagram’s New Video: It Can Also Stay Still; Wall Street loves Snapchat! No, seriously!…Big data = big redirection of ad bucks into digital— PMorgan Chase has appointed database marketing exec Tim Suther as chief customer officer of a new business still being kept under wraps.  And.. Wall Street loves Snapchat! No, seriously! Plus… As an investor, I’m always looking for people that will make a difference

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