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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Thinking of Hah Hah Joe: Mutual of Omaha's Big Budget— Aha Moment (.com)

Joe was ahead of his time and off by a couple of letters (though remove the "OM" from Omaha and you have "aha"... brilliant!) but this is a awesome integrated campaign from Mutual Of Omaha with tagline "Insure Your Possibilities" 

Virginia investor Michael Covel hit the domain jackpot in 2008 having bought the name on a drop in 2004 in another of those never reported mega sales.

Says the website: "It's a moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom - wisdom you can use to change your life. Whether big or small, funny or sad, they can be surprising and inspiring. Each one is unique, deeply personal, and we think, worth sharing.

Mutual of Omaha celebrates and honors these moments and the people who act upon them. We're proud to have the products and services that can help people insure their possibilities.

Have look at one of the 30-second spots

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