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Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Fathers...

My father gave me his brains and belly. Miss you Dad!
Someone once said "young and
pretty is good. But Rich is BETTER!"

William B. Franklin has penned the following ‘definition” of a dad: 

“If he’s wealthy and prominent and you stand in awe of him, call him father. If he Sits in his shirt sleeves and suspenders at a ball game and picnic, call him Pop: If he wheels the baby carriage and carries bundles meekly, call him ‘Papa’ (with the accent on the first syllable). If he belongs to a literary circle and writes cultured papers, call him ‘Papa’ (with the accent on the last syllable). 

“If however, he makes a pal of you when you’re good, and is too wise to let you pull the wool over his loving eyes when you are riot; if, moreover, you’re quite sure rio other fellow you know has quite so fine a father, you may call him ‘Dad.’ 

There is little doubt or dispute that a father has a profound impact on his children. That impact may be for good or for evil. The influence, teaching and modeling of a father has started many a youngster down the path of life destined for greatness or destined for destruction. It is true that children grow up and assume responsibility for their own lives, their own actions and their own destinies. But it is equally true that dads make a tremendous difference in the lives of their children. 

As you anticipate Father’s Day, consider your father. Think of his positive traits and how he influenced you. Ponder his teaching and how it affected you. Be thankful for the ways that your dad helped you on the path of life. Take responsibility for your actions regardless of what your dad taught you.

Hat Tip: Tom Flemming

And a blast back to kurt 2008 Father's Day post:

Fathers Day (.com)- A Tale of 2 Pages (what a domain can be) versus.... looks to be original owner since 1993:
Paul Mandelstein created the nonprofit Father Resource Network ( in 1999 to help divorced fathers remain involved in their children ’s lives. A divorced father of three and grandfather of one, he serves as chairman and executive director of the network and helps facilitate workshops and lectures focused on fatherhood in the 21st century.

Paul Mandelstein is a finalist for The Publishers Marketing Associations' Benjamin Franklin Award.

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