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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Why Are Brands Abandoning gTLD Applications? Musk announce Space X IPO? and China Is Winner of Iraq War (Jon Stewart)

with Tony Adkins, Andrew Hazen, Brad Hines, Richard Branson and Mike Berkens: Laugh at him but he's having the last laugh: Justin Bieber's Twitter Growth: 40 Followers to 40 Million

Mission Accomplished!
Same with George Bush and the whole country of Iraq.  We are fools. They laugh at us and all those laughing  at the Jon Stewart bit are laughing at themselves too.What fools we are.  for NO OIL not Blood for OIL

"The oil revenues from Iraq will pay for the reconstruction" ~~~George Bush
Mission was accomplished when Halliburton took control of the industry as they are the ones who load the tankers to China!

Chinese Oil Drill

Iraq repays America by awarding oil contracts to China. (04:13)

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