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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Yes, we are Big Marijuana: "Diego Pellicer" To Brand Jamen Shively's $100 Million Marijuna Business

Did I just type that headline-- this is legal-- this is happening this is now? Apparently so.

But Diego Pellicer? Couldn't it have been;, etc but it is!

Via HuffingtonPost: "At the news conference, former Microsoft manager Jamen Shively discussed his plans to launch a new marijuana brand named for his great-great grandfather, Diego Pellicer. He says his company is joining forces with a Washington state chain of medical marijuana dispensaries run by John Davis, the Northwest Patient Resource Center, as well as dispensaries in Colorado and California.

Shively's planned investment will total $100 million over three years, according to the Stranger.

"This historic step today is to be observed and evaluated closely by all of us, because it is a game changer," Fox said. "I applaud this group that has the courage to move ahead. They have the vision, they are clear where they're going, and I'm sure they're going to get there."

Fox, a former Coca-Cola executive who was Mexico's president from 2000-06, specified that he's not involved in the venture. He appeared at Shively's invitation. The two first met 13 years ago, when a company Shively used to run was opening a computer center in Sinaloa and Fox appeared at the inauguration, Shively said.

Shively described grand visions for his pot brand – hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, tens of millions of customers, more than 1,000 jobs just at Diego Pellicer's Seattle headquarters."  Continued....

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