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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Your Weekly Domain Name Sales Results & Look What I Gone and Done With Frank's Snazzy New Tool!

One of two rotating banners that generate interest to click to Franks sales page where my simple reasons to buy are supported by additional and strong sales messages.
The key is keep it simple- you are only selling a click to the next step

On Twitter Hash Tags are essential- if you want to sell a cloud name and Salesforce is having a conference by adding #dreamforce, your message reaches 44K qualified buyers without spending a dime for ads or travel to the show. It's important to cloak your link with a URL shortener. People have preconceived notions of what a domain seller is, and if finally to get them to the lander where you can change minds, you don't want to waste a great opportunity.
Note I never even mention domains in my ads. It's all about brands. I get end users to my sites with posts using THEIR language set "truncation" "catchy names for hot cloud app" etc. Know how to write copy that domainers may smark at but works the search engines and brings all the tools like Frank's to full potential is key. The web is the biggest Marketing tool ever known to man and often I think I am a lonely soldier in promoting it as such when everyone else sees a big shopping mall.

Facebook - all social media every day a different domain exposed to audiences around the world but not if you just follow your domain buddies you are preaching to the choir. You have to develop a sphere of influence.

Using LinkedIN Pro and extending these selections to my blog, I can reach thousands of qualified prospects per day from LinkedIN which is my #1 tool. To understand the important role LinkedIn plays in closing sales in 2013 check out this Forbes study showing that 78 percent of the top reps use LinkedIn extensively to prospect, nurture and cultivate and OUTSELL their peers!

Sales Inquiry lander keeps piquing interest presenting six compelling reasons to buy that build, one at a time, whereas most sites are copy heavy and don't lead the prospect and
 focus their attention like a great salesperson does on a live call

To read the lander and watch the sales points build- 
CLICK HERE and maybe you can make an offer while you are at it :)

Good Morning Folks,

All of Domainsville is abuzz with high praise for the sorely needed redesign at

Trust and credibility are key with end users who have never gone through this process and the former site was not helpful in this regard. People want to see the team, and examples of success and look the guy or all employees in the eye to know who they are dealing with. All of that has been accomplished.

And I couldn't be happier because the bounce rates from people I worked hard to deliver to DNS (via sales pages within this blog EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE 2) were high. Not sure whether they just didn't know what to do, what to offer or most likely were they were fearful of being tricked into giving up personal information for a scam. We were getting a lot of leads... but there was no engagement.

All of that is alleviated now which makes my part worth the effort. That's right MY part. Frank has given us a great but as they say in those secret meetings "it only works if YOU work it so work it's worth it."

Today with social media, as you will see in the examples above, you can tweet a link to the sales page and get it on Google alerts and in the eyes of the right end user targets using hash tags. You can create banners ads as I've done and link them directly to the sales page.

I had no idea Frank was redesigning last week when I created these ads to promote I had been running one for another domain which went to the landing page on my site. I got a lot of clicks from end users and Fortune 500's all over the world, but the stopped at the last step. Now I can link the ads directly to Frank's sales page because it eliminates the intermediate step. See what happens when you click a Shoe Department ad at the bottom of this post.

All domainers should be proactive in marketing their names like this. Those with blogs should realize that space is more valuable to sell a five-figure name of your own than to sell to others. Plus Twitter is completely free and effortless. I also write press releases on domains and post them on the blog. They get indexed in Google and put the domain back in the search results where it had been banned by parking.

If you want to discuss what you can do and how I can help, hit me up at the contact above.

Now for Domain Name Sales results first 8 Days of June (I'll start linking them to show success stories in next week's report)  $150-250K  $10-20K
Commune Hotels     $3-5k USD   $5-10k USD $2o-50K (Kauffman) $5-10K $5-10K (media Blue)  (Kauffman) 2013    (Kauffman)
gsmgallery  $3-5K (Kauffman) (Schaffer)  $20-50 (Bindal, Prakhar) $3-5k USD  $10-20K  $20-50K  $5-10K  $20-50K (Kauffman) (Schaffer)    $5-10k USD $3-5 (Chad W)  (Kauffman)  $10-20K  $10-20K $10-20k USD (king)  $20-50K (Donna Schaffer)  $3-5K  $10-20K

For the last 24 months sales with links to the end users who have activated them, GO HERE

To verify accuracy of this report and see more sales unknown to me at this time, check out DNJournal on Wednesdays.

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