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Saturday, July 13, 2013

David slays Goliath in Domain Name Gold Rush, Dot LA starts the craze

OF: I was sent this press release to post but .LA starts the craze? Maybe the article should say the Crazy days are over and MARKETING starts them to the right people in the right way. And for for the first time, with exception of .,CO and .ME who have always done it right, this might help them succeed. and since MARKETING is my profession, I know this to be so.

David slays Goliath in Domain Name Gold Rush, Dot LA starts the craze

Register Your New Dot LA Domain Today
Los Angeles and Louisiana area marketers have started to sing Randy Newman’s famous tribute to Southern California, “I Love LA”. Newly released domain names have local significance.

The fight for quality and noteworthy domain names has been an issue since the advent of the internet. In the beginning, there was but one choice for businesses to choose, the original dot com (.com). And, just in case you are ever asked the trivia question, “what was the first domain name ever registered”, here is the answer. was registered on March 15, 1985, the first domain name ever.

You may remember the mad rush to get the dot com names, and even some opportunists that bought names of famous companies, and then attempted to charge $1,000’s to the companies.

A lot has changed in the domain name marketplace since 1985, and now there are over 68 of these suffixed currently available. There suffixes are called 'TLD' or gTLD'. The explanation of these designations is the TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, and the gTLD stands for Generic Top-Level Domain. Many of the newer TLD's are related to specific countries.

Country Domain TLD examples:
.ca for Canada for companies in Australia for organizations in Taiwan.

Some of the other 68 current TLD’s are for industry specific names:
.tv for Television Networks
.xxx for the Adult Video industry
.mobi for the mobile device industry

The rest of the top level domains currently available are for counties and types of businesses within countries.
One of these TLD names is Dot LA (.LA), which was the designate for the Lao People's Democratic Republic. This small Southeast Asia country has been using the dot-LA as its country code. With a recent agreement between the nation and GoDaddy, these Dot LA address are now available. Some of the most sought after names, like MovieStar.LA are being sold through the GoDaddy auction.

 This Dot LA release is targeted to the movie and entertainment industries centered in the Los Angeles area. But, just as with most other TLD releases, there are no limitations on who can buy these domain names, nor how they are used. The Dot LA is also a perfect fit for companies in Louisiana, as that is the abbreviation for the state.

Several years ago, a company bought a Dot LY domain name called, for the use of shortening long URL’s. The Dot LA address can offer similar advantages for companies with long names. For instance, Industrial Plastic Supply of Anaheim, California, recently acquired the address, and can now shorten the domain name to for a full URL. This very short 3 letter URL is a rare find in the domain name market.

Here is the most exciting part of the news. This new Dot LA TLD is just the beginning of new TLD suffixes being released this year. There are 43 brand new TLD’s slated to be released over the next several months. Now is the chance to grab a wonderful, up to now, unavailable domain name with a new and exciting suffix. Here are some the exciting new choices:  .business;  .career;  .ceo;  .corp;  .forum;  .inc;  .llc;  .market;  .ngo;  .ong;  .press;  .studio;  .trade; plus 30 more.

These domain names will be available at all the normal domain resellers, like or (two of the largest). These new TLD releases are in answer to requests over the last several years from people like you and from businesses looking for a better or easier URL.

Why is this such a big deal? The reason is that many companies settled for very long domain names, with numbers or dashes in the name, just to get the name of their company into their domain. Typing in: is not as desirable as perhaps the use of www.great.corp, when this TLD is released.  What domain name would you love to have for your enterprise? Oh, by the way, one of the TLD’s is .enterprises, but not yet released.

Start thinking today, and buy it as soon as it is released. You have the same chance to get quality domain names as the big guys. Many domain resellers are buying up some of the best Dot LA names to later resell at much higher prices.

Pick your name, as these domain names will go very fast, just like the Dot Com names did.

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