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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Domain Name Sales Delivers Its Strongest Summer Week Ever; Proof Of Brands You Can Bank On

I don't know about this. On July 25th one blogger opined "Most of you are intelligent people but it doesn’t take much research to know that dot nets are really suffering as of late. I’m not saying don’t buy them. There is actually some value in a few of the domains because people are so down on them but overall it’s headed down for a while."

Maybe that's true at the wholesale level, but at the retail level (if you parse Mike's report on first half 2013 of Domain Name Sales) and look at the few more yellow highlighted below that have sold here in July, an investment in a great keyword dotNet is going to pay off. 

That's why Frank recently scooped up thousands of them. Thanks to the flip investors thinking something is NOT valuable and leaving it alone, Frank was able to acquire his collection without competition— dirt cheap. Names like you see selling here for $10-20K for under $100. All in the last six months!
One thing to note is how and why are the names listed as sold below different from most other names you are holding and think valuable. Almost every name here represents a product or service that already has demand and advertisers like Aquarium Supplies, Root Canals, Christmas Socks, Protein Pills, Patio Cushions, Palm Springs Condo, TrafficCones, Unplanned Pregnancy and more. Things that are hard to find locally and exact-keyword searched to find online such as Guitar Pedals.

These are also names that need no explanation. You didn't have to give a song and dance to say what the company is our does like you do with those quirky names featured in the press this week. 

There is nothing more important, more urgent than a company to be defined by a name that says what it means, thereby expressing what they make, sell or service and a benefit for you. These kinds of names are also "Billboard Names" - one or two words printed big that you easily recalled from a blink of the eye, driving at 80 MPH on a freeway crowded with ads. With costs of advertising running so high, the real cost of a naming decision is what you don't lose having to advertise a bad name.

Can you say that about your names? That's why I hold Frank's inventory in the highest esteem.

Each of the buyers of the names below was bequeathed a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a great name before their competition did and use it while their competition can't. All at a price that 10 years from now when few names are even left on the aftermarket, will be considered a steal and always an asset on the books INCREASING in value for the owner for potential resale.

Look at the Hilco Steambank auctions of once proud companies. The value left at the end of the day is in the name.

As to Frank's motto "Why Build A Brand When You Can Buy One" this weeks best application of that promise go to the folks who started, yes, a BANK named for under $50K, and if it doesn't work out there's a wine waiting for that name who would pay much more. Proofs that Domain Name Sales is awash with brands you can bank on.

What a great show and tell tool for brokers everywhere.

Throw caution to the wind and all forum and Estibot blabber about LLLL value out the window when along
comes BETHEL SCHOOL OF SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY (BSSM) Who Happily Parts With Nearly Five-Figures For
An Exact Match domain to run their NETWORK on

Here are your results for the week ending July 28, 2013  $10-20K
AwardLetter.Com $5-10k
BridgeZone.Com  $10-20k $5-10k $5-10k $10-20K $10-20k  $5-10K
Capemarco.Com $5-10k $3-5k
Chali.Com $20-50k $5-10k USD
ChristmasSocks.Com $3-5k $5-10k 
Digity.Com $20-50k
DrugPrices.Com $20-50k 
Duty365.Com  $3-5k (Schaffer)
FloraLink.Com $5-10k
FoodMarketPlace.Com $5-10k 
GiftBookCentral.Com $20-50k
Guitarpedals.Com $8150
IdTech.Com  $50-100k
Iplenty.Com $3-5k $5-10k
Kristals.Com $9k
Leeo.Com  $20-50k $3-5k (Kauffman)
MediaFlair.Com $3-5k (Schaffer)
Niviasoares.Com $3-5k
OneOnTop.Com $20-50K
ProteinPills.Com $5-10k (Pilford)
Ratic.Com $3-5k
ResumeCenter.Com $10-20k 
RockConcertReviews.Com $3-5k 
RootCanals.Com $12k 
Seemyland.Com $10-20k  (great software name for cloud app) $5-10k $20-50k (great wine name)
TamarianRugs.Com $10-20k
UniversalAnimal.Com $5-10k
Yuge.Com $20-50k
Zoser.Com $3-5k $10-20k 

And here is July to date with dotNet's duly noted and links to sites already activated by end-users  $3-5K (Shane)
Acrosky.Com  $10-20K  $7,500
Allahpalooza.Com   $7.5k  (Schaffer) (Shane)
AwardLetter.Com   $5-10k (Kauffman)
BridgeZone.Com  $10-20k $5-10k            $3-5k    $5-10k $10-20K  $10-20k  $5-10K
Capemarco.Com     $5-10k $3-5k $10-20K  $20-50K      (Upgrade HK cctld)    $3-5k
Chali.Com $20-50k  $5-10k USD
ChristmasSocks.Com $3-5k     $3-5k           $5-10k
Digity.Com      $20-50k
DrugPrices.Com $20-50k 
Dryder.Com (redirect AXO) $5-10k 
Duty365.Com $9K  $3-5k (Schaffer)
FloraLink.Com $5-10k    
FoodMarketPlace.Com    $5-10k $5-10k
GiftBookCentral.Com  (Shane)
IdTech.Com  $50-100k (Schaffer) $5-10k
Iplenty.Com $3-5k      $5-10k
Kristals.Com $9k
Leeo.Com  $20-50k   $20-50k (Kauffman). (Kauffman)
MediaFlair.Com       $3-5k       (Schaffer)
ModaShows.Com    $3-5k  (Citrix the buyer)
MyFreeFoto.Com           $10-20k
Niviasoares.Com         $3-5k  (.RU owner going global)
OneOnTop.Com           $5-10k $20-50K       $5-10k
ProteinPills.Com $5-10k (Pilford)
Ratic.Com       $3-5k (Kauffman)
ResumeCenter.Com $10-20k  $5-10K $3-5k 
RootCanals.Com         $12k (Schaffer)) $20-50k USD  $10-20k  (great software name for cloud app)      $5-10k $20-50k (great wine name but also cheap to brand bank) $110K USD
Truewinks.Com       $10-20k     $5-10k $5-10k USD (redirect to     
Vinkt.Com            $3-5k
Yuge.Com       $20-50k
Zoser.Com      $3-5k 

As always, check with DNJournal Wednesday afternoon for the most accurate pricing and exclusively reported results.

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