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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Domain Name Sales Week Ending July 14th

 As you know from the reporting elsewhere on Afternic and Sedo, summer is off to a slow start all around. Here are your results from the first half of July 2013. Some site s have already been activated by end users and we provide links to those.

Sales Week Ending July 14 (Shane) (Shane) (Kauffman)  $20-50K       $3-5k $5-10k  (Schaffer)           $10-20k           $5-10k       $5-10k           $5-10k  $5-10k         $3-5k            $3-5k            $3-5k 

Domain Name Sales July To Date (Shane)  (Schaffer) (Shane) (Kauffman)            $3-5k $3-5k $10-20K  $20-50K      (Upgrade HK cctld)     $3-5k           $5-10k $9K $5-10k  (Shane) (Schaffer) $5-10k $3-5k (Kauffman).           $10-20k         $3-5k           $5-10k       $5-10k (Kauffman)  $5-10K (Schaffer) $20-50k USD $110K USD $5-10k USD (redirect to            $3-5k

As always, check with DNJournal Wednesday afternoon for the most accurate pricing and exclusively reported results.

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