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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Dream Makers Goes Live With Workaround Domain After Domain Name Sales Negotiations Stall

Despite having one of the best characters in the history of
reality television (mother, Lynn), Audrina Patridge's
recent VH1 docuseries didn't catch fire the way she'd hoped.
"This Dream Maker is different than other reality shows as it CHARGES contestants for auditions and therefore could add a domain tax and pay on a licensed or leased basis."

You probably know that YOBI.TV (pronumced You -Be-TV like a rip off of You Tube on a sub-par cctld), is an internet channel dedicated to talent search featuring former reality stunner Audrena Patridge. Her show "Dream Maker" (singular) failed. 

And now comes Dream Makers" plural but using the call-to-action and domain "I am A Dream Maker" (singular) Huh?

A once popular domain blogger acquired on a 2011 drop from a large Realty firm that held it since hand-registration in the late 90s. But he has gone underground with his big scary dog parking the name at Internet Traffic. Ironically when I got into Domaining in the late 90s I tried to register every variation of "dream" names and this is the only one that wasn't taken by Joel Williams who later sold the prized "dream portfolio" to Oversee.

Now Dream Makers (the Reality TV Show) has the potential to be bigger than American Idol but they failed to learned the hard and expensive lesson Idol did, which was to belly up at the bar for the EMD sooner, rather than later. This Dream Maker is different than other reality shows as it CHARGES contestants for auditions and therefore could add a domain tax and pay on a licensed or leased basis.

But instead of starting up strong with EMD, they may be DOA (see TechCrunch Dead Pool of companies whose autopsies cited bad naming decision as cause of death) 

They are going with I Am A Dream Maker (.com ). Contestants can enter one time for free. There is a $25 fee for each additional category entered.

Hometown Entertainment develops a new kind of reality TV show called Dream Makers. To be broadcast on, Dream Makers is a talent contest that builds a movie making team of the top 15 contestants from across America.

The show starts online, adds TV, then live to movie theaters for the finale. Our buzz campaign runs through August, open auditions go from September-November, and 1st round voting takes place during December 2013. The shows go online each week in January 2014, adds cable TV in March, and live online and TV in April. The finale will be broadcast live to a national theater chain the last week of May
Dream Makers gives gifted/unconnected people a chance to work in the movie business. The winners will have the opportunity to work on a feature film to be produced by Hometown Entertainment. The audience will vote for whom they think should get hired to be on the Dream Makers movie-making team. The team will include: Director, Marketing, Cinematographer, Production Design, Set Designer, Make Up, Costume Designer, Visual Effects, Sound, Music Supervisor, Editor plus four Actor categories.

Each episode dramatically presents contestants vying for one of these positions. Every week the producers give the contestants a portion of a movie script that they will use to show case their talents. They will make a pitch video demonstrating how they would apply their craft to make the script into a movie. The producers will also give them other tasks, including making back story clips and personal interest videos. Surprise responsibilities, that all independent filmmakers face, will push contestants to their creative limits.

Professional industry judges critique their videos and be posted online so the audience can vote for their favorite contestants. Ultimately, the audience picks the winners. Dream Makers will tally the votes during the live show finale. when the M.C. will announce which 15 make the team.

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