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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Getting The Web Domain Name You Want; Silence is Golden; Duct Tape is Silver & Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Thanks to a very wet in Toronto, Bill Sweetman of NameNinja, for today's feature.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Toronto and everywhere else that's being affected by severe summer weather. Unfortunately bad weather is the new norm. I am nincluding a couple of sobering article links about it, for those who wish to be better prepared because we are in for tough challenges as the hurricanes start rolling into extremely hot waters, the ideal accelerators for them. Like pouring gasoline on your hot dog on the grill. (To get a look back at our early severe weather warnings click on any of the relevant labels at the bottom of this post)

PLUS Here's What Happened When We Strapped A Bunch Of People Into The Virtual Reality Headset

Says Robert Redford "Without question, we're facing a climate crisis. And it is taxpayers who are bearing the high costs. Just last year, taxpayers spent nearly $100 billion on crop losses, wildfires and disaster relief from superstorm Sandy. Our coastal communities are under siege. The Great Plains are suffering drought for the third year in a row. Our people are hurting -- and they're demanding action."

Tropical Storm Chantal speeds westwards towards the Lesser Antilles Islands after developing in the Atlantic last night. Satellite loops reveal several well-developed low-level spiral bands that have gradually increased their heavy thunderstorm activity this morning. Read more at:


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