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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hollywood's Legal Woes Over Film Title Jeopardizes Domain Jackpot

In a heartfelt letter, director Lee Daniels pleaded with Warner Bros. Entertainment chief executive Kevin Tsujihara not to force a change in the title of the upcoming Weinstein Co. film "The Butler."

News broke this week that the Motion Picture Assn. of America was not going to allow the film up to now known as "The Butler," and scheduled to be released in August, to use that title. Warner Bros. claimed it had the rights to the title based on a 1916 short film.

Harvey Weinstein, who is distributing Daniels' film, announced he was retaining heavyweight lawyer David Boies to fight the decision. Boies was recently successful in front of the Supreme Court in having California's same-sex marriage ban dismissed.

Tsujihara and Warner Bros. have not responded publicly to Daniels' letter. Taking on Harvey Weinstein is one thing, tangling with Oprah (in her first starring role since 1988), may be something else. is currently host to Butler Home Products makers of Mr. Clean, among other products.

Via and Continued in LA Times

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