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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If .LA Marketing Works, Dot Com May Very Well Lose Its Spot As King

Taking a page out of .CO's playbook as Ron Jackson predicted today, GoDaddy's dotLA marketing, if successful, may be the shovel that takes first dirt from the future grave of dotCOM. Originally I felt the gTLDs would only make dotCOM stronger. But I am also a marketing pro and know the power that great marketing holds that neither .com nor is aftermaket actors ever proactively applied to its advantage.

So far doCOM marketing is completely passive. "We're not going to ever call you so we'll wait till you get around around to calling us." For goDaddy and others marketing these extensions starts with a fresh slate, there is no greedy investor between you and serving the client.

Let's see how .LA does with it's Hollywood campaign in Variety. It may succeed where .TVfailed and  after all, Hollywood is much bigger than just television. Stay tuned.

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