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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Land Rush! Domain names @ ????

The biggest land rush in the history of Internet identities is taking place right now and on a dot COM domain!

Marissa hit a home run with this one. Drove the tech savvy back to take a fresh look at Yahoo and steal some gMail customers who can look at ads. She should have an auction for the premiums!

From Wired!

Yahoo’s ID Land Rush Begins Today With Updated Security Measures

Yahoo Mail gets new security features in advance of re-releasing old addresses. Image: Yahoo
Yahoo is set to recycle unused YahooIDs today, as well as the email addresses associated with them. The company is implementing some new security measures to try to prevent instances of identity fraud with a new email header that attempts to verify account creation dates so someone in possession of a recycled address can’t get the old holder’s data.
Yahoo is going to re-release IDs and email addresses that haven’t been used in more than a year. Starting today, people can go to and request up to five addresses. If they are eligible for reuse, the company will award them on a first come, first serve basis — and is limiting recycled addresses to one per user for now.
Yahoo’s senior director of platforms, Dylan Casey, says Yahoo is taking steps to filter out registrations that appear to be abuse or mass registration. If a pick is available, Yahoo will notify new registrants on August 14, and they will then have 48 hours to claim it

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