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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Larry Ellison Rebrands The Hawaiian Island He Bought "Pulama Lanai"

The Frager Creative group having worked with clients to promote tourism and conventions in Hawaii for over 20 years, and who most recently helped brand and launch Lanai Hospitality Partners is now very excited to announce that Larry Ellison’s Lanai Resorts LLC has been renamed Pulama Lanai, which means “to cherish,” or “to treasure” Lanai, according to a source close to the company.

In 2012, Larry Ellison purchased 98 percent of Lāna‘i from Castle & Cooke, Inc. His vision: to establish Lāna‘i as an island powered by solar energy, where electric cars would replace gasoline-powered, and seawater would be transformed into fresh water and used to sustain a new organic farming industry that would feed the island and supply produce for export.

Now with the climate change and all, this is a place I could live out my life in. And I don't know of any other like it.

Check out the new website that draws you immediately in with copy:
"Imagine an island...where people wave as they pass each other on the road. Where small town values and sense of community still thrive. Once a plantation island, then a resort island, the Hawaiian Island of Lāna‘i is again being redefined. This time its residents will help shape its future, enabled by an ambitious vision of Lāna‘i as a sustainable community."

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