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Monday, July 01, 2013

Males Strippers; Free Website Builder Cap June Sales Of Irreplaceable Domain Assets

Here are your results of known Domain Name Sales for the week ending June 30, 2013, followed by a recap of the month sales and links to the end  users that had activated them (this far). I used to sell Franking machines. Names like this are one-of-a-kind assets that will be taken out of play so none of the other three market competitors can apply them to their advantage. (What a steal that was, BTW)

Because Entrepreneurs know that having a solid domain name can make or break their startup’s success. If your URL isn’t short, easy to remember, and relevant, it can have a big impact on traffic and company branding. Lacking the right one, you'll find it more and more difficult to compete on and off the Internet as this century progresses. 

In the right hands these names can be an asset that can significantly increase the performance and ranking of the buyer's website adding value of their business.

In the hands of competition, it can be a weapon and many lost sales and worse multiplied by a lifetime.

One dotTV site upgraded to a dotCOM explaining why they bailed on the much debated extension. Even branded this month was a yacht!

Congratulations to all of the brokerage team at Domain Name Sales for a GREAT result during a traditionally slow month compounded by severe worldwide weather that pushed a lot of planned purchases on the back burner.

Sales Week Ending June 30, 2012: $5-10k    $3-5k $5-10k $10-20k $3-5k (royal) $5-10k  $10-20k ' (donna) $3-5K $20-50k $10-20k $5-10k usd $50-100k $5-10k $5-10k  $10-20 $3-5k $5-10k $5-10k $10-20k $5-10k $10-20k  $10-20k (morgan) (morgan) (shane) (shane)

The Domain Name Sales output for June, 2013 with links to known activations are:  $3-5K
Acrosky.Com  $7,500
Allahpalooza.Com   $7.5k
AnimalDoctors.Com  $15K
Artaos.Com (Axsiom)  $3-5K    $4,500k $7k       $5-10K (Purchased by Campus Logic) $3-5k (royal) (Morgan to FS) (Morgan to FS) $6k $10-20K (Dicker)
BoatsForSale.Com  $162K $12K $8,500 $20-50k
Cobin.Com  $14K  $50k
Cruiter.Com   $4K USD  $10-20k
CustomHotels.Com    $8,750K USD  $5K      '

DigitalLicence.Com $6,250
DiningConcepts.Com (Kauffman) (APP)
Diplomados.Com $18k
DiscoverPeru.Com $ 8K(Redirect TRAVELMAX)
DiscoveryDigital.Net $5-10K (Redirect to Sprinkler Warehouse)  $18K          -
Englishtraining.Com $5-10K (Media Blue) $5K (STEAL!)    
Ethemes.Com (Kauffman)
Euroccp.Com $3-5k
FantasySuite.Com  (Kauffman to FS)
Fortknight.Com $39K $4,25o         $46k (Kauffman to Google) $10-20k
Goldrsh.Com  (Kauffman)
GoodLeadership.Com $18K         
Gsmgallery.Com  $3-5K
H1bee.Com   (Shane to FS)
HiddenRecords.Com (Kauffman to FS) (Morgan Linton)
HockeyCamps.Com $5-10k $5-10k usd
HostStats.Com (Schaffer)
Hwloc.Com (Kauffman) $9K
InterNordic.Com  $20-50 (Bindal, Prakhar) $4,500
Issm.Com        $3-5k USD
JackPotz.Com $8,500
JamaicanFood.Com  $10-20K
JerkStore.Com  $15K
Littlefox.Com  $20-50K (kauffman)
Lombardies.Com  $4,750 $50-100k
MarketBistro.Com  $7K $20-50k
Melvyn.Com  $20-50K $5k $80k
MoneyLink.Com $20-50K  $10K
MyJourneys.Com $5-10K (Page Howe)
NaturesLab.Com (Kauffman)  $20-50k $30k
OrtoraVittorio.Com $10K  $10K           
PhoneProtect.Com (Schaffer) (redirect
PiccoloPress.Com $10-20K
PrimaryData.Com      $7k USD (Steal for big data brand)
ProPickem.Com $3-5 (Chad W) (shane)  (Shane) $43,000
Quif.Com $2-50K
RHCA.Com      $18K      $10-20k USD         
SeeMeNow.Com  (Kauffman)
Seequence.Com  $10.5K
SeguridadPrivada.Com  $4K
ShareHere.Com $3-5k $4k $7,800
SportLounge.Com $10-20k (rediect from the .TV) $6,500 $5-10k
SwimShop.Net $5-10k $15k
TheDodo.Com $10-20k $5-10k
ThisIsMe.Com $59K       $5K
TicketHound.Com      (Flanders)$10-20K
TileExpo.Com (King)  $25K $10-20k
Trac360.Com (Donna Schaffer)
Treed.Net  $3-5K
Turoko.Com  $10-20k  $8750 (steal!)  $3-5K

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