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Friday, July 12, 2013

McDonald's Truncates Big Mac; Now Just MAC

According to Duet's Blog which specializes in reporting on "Trademark Truncation", "Louis Armstrong first performed “Mack the Knife” in 1956, a year later McDonald’s introduced the Big Mac, and then, Bobby Darin’s version of ”Mack the Knife” became a chart-topper in 1959. Who could have known and who would have guessed that more than fifty years later, the Super Sized sandwich brand would be truncated to “mac” — no less in all lower case style?

Scrolling through some 123 USPTO records for McDonald’s and a multitude of third-party registrations for a wide variety of goods and services ranging all the way from hair pieces and wigs to boat seats to lip gloss, and then all the way to apparent evidence of some peaceful coexistence with Mac’s fried pork skins, all I could find for McDonald’s was a pair of abandoned MAC applications from 1994, and a few federally-registered slogan marks incorporating the “mac” term: (a) Get Your Mac On; and (b) Are You Mac Enough?


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