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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More 3D & Facebook Stock Rises to Highest Price Since IPO For Break Even or ALU @ $2.41 for 3x flip (You Decided, Wrong!)

If you go back on the comments in Morgan's blog, as well as what I'ver written here and in my VIP emails, I argued with everyone falling for the Facebook IPO why would you buy that versus established mission critical Internet link Alcatel which was just 70 cents at the time and restructuring just like GM and Bank America when all collapsed. Google is $900 but Google couldn't do business or service its customers, nor Apple, nor ATT nor just about anyone else in the Internet mix without ALU- who also owns the largest Internet patent portfolio known to man. So on that day had you invested 100K in Facebook today you may be rejoicing that you broke even. But had you invested 100K in Alcatel you'd have $260K! And if you kept sinking more money into the already sunk ship of pigeon shit domains..... but... Go ahead, keep laughing at me because when the shit hits the fan you want to remember I told you first. Here's what I learned surfing around this morning:

New eBay App Lets You 3D Print Stuff Without Your Own Printer (scroll down)

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