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Saturday, July 06, 2013

"My .CO Sales That Are Now Full Websites By Companies" Thank You Tia Wood

Thanks again Domain Bell! Today advice from Christian and others on starting UP. Blogs Christian: "I always think it is really neat when a sale is made and there is a greater purpose behind the sale. No matter what business you are in I feel there is a connection between buyer and seller in most cases. Today I am writing about a few of my past domain name sales where the new owners have taken the domain to another level. The new owners have developed full blown websites and businesses with the names. These new domain owners have a new storefront and today I will share a few with you.

The first one that comes to mind is a .co domain I sold was just simply a parked webpage for me. I was approached by them and after several months of back and forth talk, a price was reached. The new owner has made a beautiful site called Women Innovative Mobile. Hence the WIM. They are the first startup accelerator program focused on exclusively launching the growth of female-founded companies in mobile technology. They can be reached at for more information. You can also follow their tweets on Twitter here. They also have a Facebook account and other social medias. Their Facebook is here.
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