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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PayPal Sharply Rebukes ICANN gTLD Expansion; Soon, Your Voice Will Be The Only Password You'll Ever Need

Also below from my former client Nuance, more on Voice Search, Voice Recognition and the end of the age of typing. TUMBLR security flaw makes Marissa's glory day (singular)...  Plus..

“These new domain names will make it easier for scammers and provide many more avenues to get payment information,” said Pieter Gunst, an Internet policy expert and lawyer. It’s not just consumers who will pay the price. 

 “Online payment businesses will pay a high cost for fraud,” said Gunst, who is also the founder of LawGives, a startup that provides online legal services. 

 For this reason, payments giant PayPal has sharply rebuked ICANN for the expansion — and issued a stern warning to consumers. After all, increased incidences of fraud would drive up the cost of payment processing.

Owen Frager via John C Abell

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