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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Two iPhones Walk Into A Bar" SIRI Replaces The Type-In In Chevy

It's not the new gTLDs that should have you on edge because... I've been forewarning the day of the "speak-in" would come.  It's HERE. NOW! And this 30-secod video spot will make sense of it all, in case I haven't.

All the innovations we've been blogging abut for years that fundamentally change the concept of domain navigation  these game changers on how we work, play and surf are finally hitting the market. Nothing since the introduction of the iPhone itself has been more impressive. 

All that said, look around you and think about the fact that everything you see has a name and every new thing will always need one. And every business needs at least an email if not a strong brand behind it, so while things change, he need for premium domains will only be greater because a brand name and a domain name today, are one and the same.

Have a look at the future for yourself:

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