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Monday, July 08, 2013

What Can You Do With A Guy and Two Girls (.com)

Put your dirty minds aside. You can make and sell two domain names out of the word combos and sell them for nice cheddar at Domain Name Sales last week. BTW— And if you don't put your dirty minds aside maybe the buyer for such a domain was Heff not to be confused with the HOFF, whose new video is below to cheer you up on a Monday. Like the big numbers next to these sales a drunk doing a milk spot is just one of those things that always will always make you smile.

Here are sales from the first week of July:  (Schaffer) $3-5k USD $10-20K $9K (Shane) $3-5k USD (Kauffman). $5-10 (Kauffman)  $5-10K (Schaffer) $20-50k USD $110K USD $5-10k USD

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