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Friday, July 19, 2013

When Selling A Domain To An End User ONE Often Overlooked Question Can Add Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Value To The Pitch

"Do you have a fleet of vehicles used in your business." Why is this important?

Because on a one hour commute yesterday I saw lots of messages here and there, and passed lots of other vehicles that performed the same services without anyone ever having a way of knowing...but I remembered these two.. and could recall them later in life if I was planning a move.

They didn't even need to buy billboards along the Interstate to put their domain on, because their domain WAS an advertising and their vehicle FREE media.

In this case where two people offering the same service crossed paths at the same time,w hat really stood out was the added value if a three word domain that sets the keyword itself up with a distinguishing benefit to the prospect. Not just moving as usual but FLAT RATE moving!

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